Running for S4K

Angie & Christina train to run 10k for S4K


Christina arrived to Angie in sunny and sometimes rainy Stockholm on Tuesday morning. During the days leading up to the race… we did everything but run.

Day 1:
Coffee (we’ve had lots of it over these past few days… lots and lots) and
trying new things such as Skippy. I.e. kangaroo burgers. Which were kinda…
good. Sorta. They were. Really. Sorta. ;)

Like we said… lots and lots of coffee. And when the rain came, we went
trying on awesome shoes that we could barely stand in. But they looked
awesome. And then we tried on (and bought!) awesome shoes that we could
actually walk in! Yay! We contemplated  running in them during the race,
but thought that might be taking the whole fashion thing slightly too far.

The following day (the day before the big race) we had… more coffee! More food!
And rubber ducks. Enough said.

We went on by celebrating Sweden’s national day by lying out in the sun for hours
and hours. And then we had Swedish meatballs of nom. Like you do when it’s
Sweden’s national day.

Then came… RACE DAY.

Woke up and didn’t much feel like running. At ALL.

Did pretty much nothing all day and STILL didn’t feel like running. At ALL.

So we got into our running clothes and stretched. Thought that would help. We still didn’t feel like running. At ALL.

Warming up with moooore meatballs… and donuts!

Finally we decided to just head out to the run site and hang around out there rather than going stir crazy at home. We got there roughly two hours before our start time and still didn’t feel like running. At ALL.

After walking around for a bit and watching the earlier runners take off we laid down in the grass for a bit. And didn’t feel like running. At ALL.

Finally it was time for us to head to the starting area and they had these people there from a gym doing a warm-up with everyone and… all of a sudden, we felt like running. Totally. A lot! :)

Running for S4K! T-shirts made especially for this day. We wore them with pride. :)

6.30 pm rolled around and then we were off! We decided not to run together since our running speeds vary somewhat, which made Christina watch Angie’s pretty stripey running pants for the entire run, whereas Angie had the pleasure of watching old dudes’ behinds. We all get our motivation somewhere. ;)

It was a good running path along the water for the first 4k or so, and then came the hills. And the mud. And the horse path. With the soft gravel and did we mention the hills?

Trust us, we’ve mentioned the hills. A lot.

All joking aside, we were both determined to run our way through the entire race (i.e. absolutely NO walking for the entire 10k), and you know what? Despite the hills and the mud and the horse path with the soft as heck gravel (and did we mention the hills?), WE MADE IT!!!

Angie’s time: 1:08:52

Christina’s time: 1:10:01

But we’d both like to add that had this been a flat 10k (i.e. not filled with hills from hell), we both would’ve finished with new personal best times. So we’re counting these as our best 10k even though they technically weren’t. ;) (That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.)

Roughly 5 minutes after we crossed the finish line!

And here we are in our pretty brand new t-shirts and our shiny awesome medals! :D

Now for the truly important stuff. :) We started this out because we wanted to do something for the wonderful charity that is Sanctuary for Kids. Over these past couple of months we’ve had the awesome support of you guys (which has helped a LOT – thank you so much for all the cheering on!), and our grand total in donations have summed up to:

407 CAD$!

407 CAD$ that have now been donated to Sanctuary for Kids, where it will be put to good use by the wonderful people who run it.

We are extremely proud of this result and we thank you all SO much for helping us get there! You’re all amazing!!

This has been a wonderful project for the both of us, and it has also been something that has kept our motivation up when it comes to our running (which is sometimes very needed ;)). To be able to combine these things (charity and health) is a fabulous thing, and we are so grateful to you all for coming along for the ride.


//Angie & Christina


Surprise challenge:-)

So the last couple of weeks I’ve been running 5k’s around Copenhagen. Partly to prepare for Stockholm, partly just because it’s a fun thing to do with my friends here. When we do this, weather is always a challenge, will it be to hot or to cold or is it raining or are we being hit with a freak snow storm??

Yesterday’s race was in the woods just north of Copenhagen and yes the weather was a little cold, but the really challenge, we only discovered when we got there. There were hills out there!!!!! Some might say that I should have known there would be hills in that area, but I honestly hadn’t given it any thought. So I was shocked for about a minute or two and then I thought, it might be cold and it might be hilly, but it’s only 5k and I should be able to do this. And I was!!!! Actually I only just got into the groove between 3 and 4k and when I hit the finish line, I could have kept running. So I guess this makes me ready for thursday. I did also run a 10k on saturday just put my mind at ease and to prove to myself that I still had it.


So I hereby declare myself ready for and stress free about the big race!!!!!


And it is a big race for me. Both because I’ve spent most of my life believing that I could never ever run anywhere, especially not 10k. But also it’s kept me motivated the last couple of months to keep running and keep getting better and running longer and wanting to do more. 10k almost seems like a natural thing now and I have now started trying to convince myself to run a half marathon. Training for this race has given me the confidence to try to do more:-)

So I wanna say thank you to everybody who supported us with donations and moral support. And a special thank you to everyone who endured me rattling on about running for the last 4 months. It has become a big part of my life which leads to me talking about it a lot. Thank you for listening:-)



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One week to go!!

We’re now exactly one week away from “the big day” – I can’t believe all this time has gone by so quickly!! (Seriously, when did it become June? Okay, almost June. But still!)

After my last entry here, I proceeded to run 10k again during my next two running sessions. So YAY for that (at least I know I have it in me, right?)! Since then I’ve gone down to between 5-8k runs, mainly because of all the damn pollen (why oh why did my body decide to react to it this year of all years??) and my hip acting up a bit again, which quite honestly has had me feeling a bit down. So boo for that.

All in all, though, I feel ready for next week. I CAN DO THIS. People are getting sick left and right around me, but I’m using my alco-gel like a madwoman, drinking lots and lots of water and trying to catch enough sleep to stay healthy. *fingers crossed*

Also, I once again need to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who’s sponsored us up ’til now, and to everyone who’s simply cheered us on. We are so grateful, and we hope to make you all proud next week!

A few people have asked, so here goes: donations will be accepted up to and with the day of the race (ie Thursday June 7 – info can be found to the right as always), and then we’ll pile everything together and make a big donation to Sanctuary For Kids on Friday June 8, at which point we’ll post about the race and our final tally here. :)



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2 weeks….ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

We’ve been planning this race what seems like forever and now raceday is only two weeks away. Am I ready??? I really have no idea. I know I can run 10k, I’ve done it before and I know that on raceday I will definitely be able to do it. Yesterday I did a 5k race with a friend in fairly hot weather, and still felt like I could have kept running.

Problem is that right now I feel insanely busy. There’s travelling, work, more work, party planning at work and somehow making time for hanging with friends. And in the middle of all of this, I need to run. I need to because I now get annoyed, if I don’t run 2-3 times a week. Yeah somehow that happened, but I consider it a good thing. But also because I wanna be really, really, really ready for Stockholm. I don’t know the route, I don’t know if it’s hilly or flat, I don’t know how hot it’ll be and I really don’t like not to know stuff. I like the safety in knowing. So I want to feel like 10k is nothing and I want to have lots of excess energy to handle the maybe hills and the maybe heat and the maybe anything else that might come up.

But what I really need to do, is stop worrying about it. I will run when I can, take care of myself and not push to hard, escpecially when it’s super hot outside. And all of this will be much easier, if I stop stressing about it. So from this moment (or maybe tomorrow morning) I will stop freaking out, so that in two weeks I will be ready to run 10k for Sanctuary for kids:-)



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10k! :)

Insanely inspired by Christina’s amazing 11+k yesterday, I went out running myself, my mind set on 10k, but not really believing it. I’d gone out earlier in the week with the same goal and barely made it 1.5k that time before my body protested loudly and I had to stop.

But I was still set on 10k of running yesterday, and whadda ya know? I made it!! Grantedly my slowest run to date, and my right leg was cramping all through the final 2k, and my hip was acting up a bit as usual, but I finished it, and didn’t feel like I was dying afterwards! ;)

Considering our big day is just little over 4 weeks away now (where has the time gone??), this was really good and very much welcomed to keep my spirits up. Just knowing I can do it helps tons.

Gonna try to do the 10k a few more times before the big race, but yay! BRING. IT. ON. :)


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So this weekend I learned that I am now ready for the race. Yesterday I decided to run at least 10k before I went out and actually ended up doing 11. So I ran longer than I have ever done before and the 10k time was the quickest yet. So all in all a very great run. And It’s a good thing I’m ready now, because may will be extremely busy. So might not be running as frequently as I want to. But the best thing about yesterday’s was that I had almost no reaction from my stomach. Sure my body was tired because of the workout, but no stomach cramps or other unpleasant symptoms. And the stomach have been my biggest concern in all of this. I knew I could run 10k, but if it meant cramps everytime, I wouldn’t keep doing it. So now that I know that can, I wanna do more. So I have decided to sign up for a 13,3k race in the forest north of Copenhagen in october and then, who knows what’s next;-)



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Preparation 5k:-)


So today’s run was a 5k in downtown Copenhagen. I have a friend I usually run these things with and a couple of friends who likes to come and cheer us on. It’s was only 10 months ago she convinced to run my first 5k and now it’s almost turned into sort of a summer tradition. We already have a few more lined up for the rest of the summer:-)

And today’s run was a good one. I think I once again broke my own 5k record. I know in my last blog, I went on and on about slow running and I still feel that, a slow run is better than no run. But beating your own record and feeling yourself improve is amazing. So not only is running bringing me good health and more energy, I also feel impowered because I keep doing things I never thought I could do. And that is a wonderful feeling that I, at all costs, will try to hang on to.



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Running slowly is still running:-)

After 5 days of stomach pains, nausea and exhaustion, I decided that I needed to get out there and do the running thing again. Sort of a now or never situation. I wasn’t really convinced that the stomach issues would clear up completely anytime soon, so I needed to prove to myself that they at least wouldn’t stop me completely. I also have a 5k race in downtown Copenhagen next week, that I really would hate to miss. So today I chose a short route close to home just in case the stomach disagreed with the decision to go running. And I did what I set out to do. I ran 5k and convinced myself, that all wasn’t as bad as it seemed. As I said, it was a slow run, but I didn’t really want to put to much pressure on the sad stomach. I just wanted to get my running legs back and enjoy hte good weather.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been psyching myself a bit. I felt like I wasn’t running fast enough and that everybody around me was running faster than I was. Somehow I felt like, if I didn’t do it fast or good enough, then why bother doing it at all. Not the most rational thought I have ever had and it bothered me for a while. But today that thought couldn’t have been further from my mind. Today was all about getting out there and just enjoying it and enjoying the fact that I still could. That’s not to say that I will never try to run faster again, of course I will, but I will try not to let myself get pressured by what others do. I will try to just be happy and satisfied with my own running and whatever pace I’m keeping.


And to the people supporting me and this project, I wanna say thank you so very much, every little thing you do and say helps!!!!



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Getting closer! :)

I may have been silent here for over a week, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been running. :)

I’ve been keeping on with the couch210k program, and about 1.5 weeks ago, I made it 10k in just over 70 minutes. :) Considering my so far one and only 10k while running only took me 68 minutes, and this latest 10k was with 39 minutes of running and the rest walking, I’m pretty damn satisfied. :) That being said, I’d never (at least not now LOL) be able to keep that speed up for 10k straight, but it’s a good start. :D

I’m hoping to be able to start running outside this up-coming week. It’s easier to control my speed on the treadmill, but the gym I go to really only has one treadmill that doesn’t completely kill my legs, and sometimes it’s just a pain having to wait for it. Earlier this week I finished a running session on three different treadmills. LOL Just seems a bit ridiculous when there’s all of outside to run in. :)

In hip/leg news, it’s doing fairly fine! I can still very much tell something’s definitely not right, but the pain is a lot better and a lot more managable than it has been. I can only hope it’ll stay that way and keep moving in the right direction. Stretching is the key, people! ;)

Been texting back and forth with Christina today about the race – I’m so pumped for this! 6 weeks and 4 days to go!! :D


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I could!!!

So the plan for today was to go running after I got home from work. I thought maybe even try to go for the 10k today, just to see if I could. And even though it was a busy day, with me on my feet for most of it, I still had hope. At one point I was talking to a co-worker about the Stockholm race and she asked me: can you actually run 10k??? And I said sure, I’ve done it before. But in spite of sounding very confident, there was doubt in the back of my mind. Could I still do it, had it been to long since the last time, did I have the motivation???


BUT I DID IT!!!! I managed to drag my tired body home from work and then made it run 10k:-) I admit it wasn’t the fastest 10k in the history of 10k’s, but I’ll take it:-)


But now for the bad news:-( Last year I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. It bothers me once in a while, but is not really a big problem for me. So this is not the news. Problem is my insides doesn’t really approve of me running 10k. The last time I did it, it had a bad reaction and it took a couple of days before it stopped hurting. I’m am experiencing some of the same reaction now. I’m hoping it won’t be as bad as last time, but I don’t know. I really don’t want this to limit me, I want to be able to run as far as I can, without that holding me back. Worst case, I have to stop running 10k’s (will of course still run the Stockholm race) because of the reaction. But I’m hoping that the more used to it my body gets, the less it will react to it. I hoping it won’t kill my motivation that I am sometimes struggling with.

For now I won’t let it stop me. For now I will just ignore the pain and the nausea and be happy that I could still run 10k :-)


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